Light Editing Tool for SketchUp


by | Jun 3, 2016 | Labs | 2 comments

Those of you that are not familiar with SketchUp may not know, that it doesn’t have its own light sources, except the Sun! Every developer has to come with a solution to this problem. The easiest and the most effective way is to create components as place-holders for different light types. Setting an initial position and a direction of a light was easy in Thea for SketchUp, but modifying it afterwards was quite painful and wasn’t very precise. It was obvious that the situation had to be solved. A new Light Editing Tool for SketchUp was needed.

I have imagined the perfect tool for the task since long time ago. It had to be simple and intuitive. I knew the power of Ruby scripting available to developers and after seeing what Fredo and other Ruby masters can achieve, I decided to give it a go. The task was on the “To Do” list waiting 5 months. It was time to dive into Ruby coding.

I have created the Light Editing Tool that you see above in action, editing visually a spot light. The tool became available a couple months ago and was welcomed very warmly by Thea for SketchUp users, since it not only allows precise light positioning but it can also give live feedback while rendering interactively in main window.

George has prepared a quick tip video showing how the tool can efficiently improve workflow inside SketchUp. It is worth mentioning, that Giannis found Thea Studio light editing quite inferior after watching the video! There is definitely space for improvement for that one – he thought – but that may be the topic of another story.