Motion Blur and Cinema 4D


by | May 27, 2016 | Labs | 0 comments

I remember a year ago when discussing with Thea for Cinema4D users about most needed features. Motion blur was mentioned quite a few times. The lack of this feature was really hunting me for long time and I definitely wanted to have it. But it was clear to me that this wasn’t going to be easy. No Sir! It would take a serious effort to design, implement and do that right.

I immediately knew that someone was needed for this crucial task (let’s call that someone a completely random adjective that comes to mind: victim). When Petros Papanikolaou started working, he didn’t realize that he was that perfect someone. I waited for the right moment and then told him very nicely, utilizing my most charming vocabulary:

– Petros, it is urgent to have motion blur supported. Stop giving me excuses and get to work.

– But this is the first time you are telling me!?

– Well, this doesn’t change the fact that it is urgent and there are no excuses about it, does it?

Perhaps, just perhaps, my words were not that charming. But he silently undertook the task. I am not sure how pleasant the whole challenge was for him. He is a computer graphics scientist alright but he also likes to pass as the coolest person in the office (who is above and beyond motion descriptors, cyclic graphs and such weird and nerdy stuff).

By looking now at the results, he has truly done a magnificent job. We have accurate and interactive motion blur, that supports virtually everything inside Cinema4D: animated geometries with or without key frames, render instances, MoGraph generators, camera, particles, splines, you name it!

This is really one of those happiness moments for me. And Petros can now be again the cool person in the office (until the next urgent feature).

Very well done!

PS. The feature will be in next public version, available for Cinema4D R15 and above. No promises though, this is Petros’ time estimation. 😛