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A Strong Connection
Strong Connection

First things first! I am not really a big fan of blogs. Especially nowadays I get scared with dogs having their own web spaceWhat new can we add in the already chaotic nature of the Internet?

Well, for starters, this page will be following advances of our renderer that I am quite sure a lot of users will find interesting. Our writing here will have a lighter tone and be quite informal, making it easier and more direct for us to write new stuff and for users to jump in and contribute. It will be a podium for everyone inside our company to present big things coming next but even the small and funny things that happen during a day in the office.

Second, there is an urge to express ourselves publicly (at least a tiny bit), it is not just us but everyone. I guess this is the driving force behind so many bloggers out there (even despite some of them lacking the… audience). There were a few blog articles when Thea Render was launched but did not continue. Conditions are now different with product, team and community being expanded in so many ways. And this page will be serving as a strong connection point.

PS. The image is a photo I took last year (right! not a render), I really like these peaceful sea waters.

Ever since writing his first program (on a home computer, back in the eighties), Giannis has always been amazed by computer graphics. He likes challenges and discovering the math and physics that govern our world.
  • Welcome and good luck 🙂

  • Alexis De Bosscher

    Great idea !

  • Nael Sy

    I believe it is a good idea, Hope the the best

  • Beppe Barone

    Good idea!

  • Frank Salinas

    Are the waters really that blue? Wow!

    • Ioannis Pantazopoulos

      Depending on the site, you can find waters ranging from light green-cyan to deep blue.

  • Rombout

    Yet i tend to find this blog sort of dead… There is not much happening and i dont understand the path of this blog. Whats different from posting items here then on the forum it does have the same very low update streak 🙁

    • George Gliatis

      I understand how it looks but we do not plan to keep the blog updated with this frequency. There will be more articles and also hope to have making-ofs and how-tos. From my point of view, a blog is easier to access for this kind of articles. Even sharing them on social networks is easier.

      • Rombout

        Well that depends on how your website is setup. I think its better to share this through the website, this will attract more your users/viewers to the website. The Blog is apart from the site. I would build in share function in the main site, thats better for the trafiic.